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Meadow Ridge Tank Cleaning provides Septic Tank Services for all Residential, Commercial & Industrial buildings in Maple Ridge, BC and surrounding areas. There are a few reasons why a septic tank can lose efficiency as time goes on. Pipe blockages, natural erosion, digging errors, excessive water from overuse of appliances, ground movement, and leaky septic tanks can all be leading contributors to a tank’s poor performance.

If you notice your septic tank isn't performing as well as it did previously, this could be a good indicator that there is something more serious going on. Septic Tanks, when left untreated or not regularly maintained can lead to all sorts of problems. It’s important to get your tank regularly inspected throughout its life-cycle to prevent minor issues turning into bigger, smelly ones! Meadow Ridge Tank Cleaning provides regular maintenance, tank inspections & repairs, and tank cleaning to minimize your risk of a build-up.

Our Services Include:

• Sewage Lift Stations
• Sewage Holding Tanks
• Grease Traps
• Catch Basins
• Electronic Tank Location
• Tanks Pumped
• Lines Flushed
• Callback Reminders


How often do I need to get my Septic Tank pumped?
Recommendation based on an 800-gallon tank is to pump it out every 4 years if 2 or less people live in the home, subtract a year for every additional person. Larger Septic Tanks or Trash Tanks can be scheduled less frequently depending on the size.

What’s involved in pumping the septic tank?
Septic waste is removed through the large manway on the septic tank itself. Sometimes this means a homeowner must dig down to the top of the septic tank to expose several concrete slabs or the manhole cover. Some homeowners install risers over each lid, bringing access to the surface so digging is no longer required. If there is an outlet filter in the tank or in a secondary tank it too will be cleaned.

Why is my tank full if I just had it pumped a week ago?
The solids that accumulate have been removed. The septic tank is designed to work from a full capacity and will be full again after a week. The process begins anew; solids settle into the tank and the liquid displaces from the tank through the system, percolating through the ground for treatment.

My septic system has been working fine for years, why pump it now?
Ignorance is not bliss. Solids settling in the tank can continue to accumulate through the outlet into the distribution box and through the lines of the septic field. A septic tank should be pumped to remove the scum level floating on top and the sludge layer accumulating in the bottom before reaching within 6" of the bottom outlet pipe. It is also important to empty the septic tank to ensure inlet and outlet T's remain intact. The cost of maintenance is minimal compared to replacement costs.

Will bleach, detergents and other household cleansers harm my tank?
Bleach used "as directed", properly diluted, and no more than 1 cup every 3 days and phenolic cleansers no more than 1/2 cup every 3 days is not harmful to septic function.

I'm purchasing a home with a septic system, what should I know?
Everything! Hire a certified inspector to inform you, the future homeowner, about every detailed component of the home's septic system. Where is the tank and field, what size is the tank, is there a filter, is there a pump, when was it last pumped, is there a distribution box and how may lines in the septic field. This area remains the on-site sewage treatment area for the life of the home, no pool, structure, parking, garden will ever be sited here.

My toilet is not flushing, do I need to pump the septic tank?
If just one toilet is not flushing, there may be a problem with the toilet itself. Remember all the plumbing exits the house through the same pipe, if other drains are working check the toilet.

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SEPTIC Pumping/Maintenance

SEPTIC Pumping/Maintenance

If your experiencing, sluggish draining and/or flushing, unpleasant odors, surprisingly lush, green lawn over your drain field, or sewage back up, you may need your system inspected. We can Install, Inspect, Pump, Maintain, and Repair Septic Tanks.

EXCAVATION Full Services

EXCAVATION Full Services

Excavating Contractors do a lot more than just pushing dirt around. Excavating includes; site preparation, grading, trenching, tunneling, and much more. It is the process of moving, earth, rock, and other materials with, tools, heavy equipment and/or explosives.

TRUCKING Various Material

TRUCKING Various Material

Ferg's Power Digging can transport various types of materials.


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Meadow Ridge Tank Cleaning did an excellent job and I was very pleased with the price, thank you.

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Meadow Ridge Tank Cleaning was very good! Really, we were a bit desperate, he took a few days to come, but I guess, he was busy.




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